First Algorithms in Culture articles published in Big Data and Society

October 9th, 2017  |  Published in Latest news

A foundational concept in computer science, algorithms – loosely defined as a set of rules to direct the behavior of machines or humans – have shaped infrastructures, practices, and daily lives around the world. This special theme, based on a December 2016 conference at University of California at Berkeley, considers algorithms as objects of cultural inquiry. It explores the implications of their development and deployment across many Big Data contexts, including politics, journalism, criminal justice, science, organizations, labor, culture, and the construction of the self. See more here.

Toward human-centered algorithm design
Eric PS Baumer
Big Data & Society, July 2017, 10.1177/2053951717718854

Algorithms in practice: Comparing web journalism and criminal justice
Angèle Christin
Big Data & Society, July 2017, 10.1177/2053951717718855

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