Bay Area STS Events

The San Francisco Bay Area has many events for science and technology studies. Below, you will find a calendar listing all of the events in the bay area that may be of interest to the STS community. Listings come from UC Berkeley’s Center for Science, Technology, Medicine, & Society, UC Davis’ STS program, and UC Santa Cruz’s Science and Justice Research Center. Interested in having your unit’s events include? Email


Please join the STS/OHST working group in their next event, a discussion with Colloquium speaker, Dr. Niki Vermeulen. She will be discussing her paper, “The Choreography of a New Research Field: Aggregation, Circulation and Oscillation.” Please[...]
Since 2000 systems biology has emerged as a new field in the life sciences, claiming to revolutionise biology and medicine. While the Human Genome Project and subsequent reductionist –omics approaches produce masses of data on[...]
The Designated Emphasis in STS program will have its spring event and information session on Thursday, March 9, 4-6PM in Stephens Hall 470. There will be a new student welcome and currently enrolled DE students[...]
In this brainstorming workshop with colleagues from the Bancroft Library’s Oral History Center, we will explore the potential of computational text analysis software and other digital tools for the analysis of both textual and nonverbal[...]
Since the mid-twentieth century, computer technology has grown exponentially, affecting individuals in all aspects of social life. During this period, people with disabilities experienced the emergence of disability rights activism, fighting for independence and the[...]
In the 19th century a handful of short difficult papers about solution methods for polynomial equations grew into a vigorous branch of algebra (Galois theory) and even into a rallying cry for modern structural mathematics.[...]
Two distinctive features of the breast cancer caseload in South Korea frame this presentation. First, breast cancer incidence in South Korea has been rising sharply since the 1990s, particularly compared to the trends in other[...]
Please join us for a talk and reception with Victoria Pitts-Taylor who will be discussing her latest book, The Brain’s Body: Neuroscience and Corporeal Politics. Wine and refreshments will be served. A student seminar will be[...]
In 1991, Chilean forensic scientists began the exhumation of 126 skeletons from Patio 29, a plot in the General Cemetery where the military ordered the burial of hundreds the disappeared and executed. The exhumations began[...]