New Tools in the Digital Humanities and Oral History: Crafting a Research Agenda

13 Mar 2017
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

470 Stephens Hall

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Paul Burnett
Historian/Interviewer, Bancroft Library

In this brainstorming workshop with colleagues from the Bancroft Library’s Oral History Center, we will explore the potential of computational text analysis software and other digital tools for the analysis of both textual and nonverbal forms of communication in oral history. The aim of this gathering is to set an agenda for a larger workshop event that can craft a new research agenda and imagine new tools for inquiry in materials related to the History of Science and in Science and Technology Studies. Please join us!

Background: Tools for “Big Data” research are usually devoted to the analysis of themes and patterns across thousands, even millions, of texts. What research questions might be posed if similar tools were applied to smaller numbers of texts typical of oral history collections, which number between the tens and the low thousands? How might oral history methods of production and dissemination might be adapted to changing methods and technologies used in conducting, recording, archiving, distributing, encountering and analyzing transcripts and audio files in digital form on digital platforms?


This event is sponsored by CSTMS.
Additional sponsorship comes from:  Bancroft Library Oral History Center • CSTMS

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