Romantic Cyborgs: Romanticism, Information Technology, and the End of the Machine

13 Feb 2017
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

470 Stephens Hall

Event Type
Working Group

Mark Coeckelbergh
Professor of Philosophy of Media and Technology in the Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna

The STS Working Group is presenting Mark Coeckelbergh who is a Professor at the University of Vienna who will be discussing his new book, New Romantic Cyborgs, regarding the future human-machine relationship.

Romanticism and technology are widely assumed to be opposed to each other. Romanticism—understood as a reaction against rationalism and objectivity—is perhaps the last thing users and developers of information and communication technology (ICT) think about when they engage with computer programs and electronic devices. And yet, as Mark Coeckelbergh argues in this book, this way of thinking about technology is itself shaped by romanticism and obscures a better and deeper understanding of our relationship to technology. Coeckelbergh describes the complex relationship between technology and romanticism that links nineteenth-century monsters, automata, and mesmerism with twenty-first-century technology’s magic devices and romantic cyborgs.

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