Daniel M. Kammen

Professor, Energy and Resources Group
Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy
Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley

CSTMS Research Unit: Berkeley Program in Science and Technology Studies, Berkeley Program in Science and Technology Studies

Daniel M. Kammen is the Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor of Energy at the University of California, Berkeley, where he holds appointments in the Energy and Resources Group, the Goldman School of Public Policy, and the department of Nuclear Engineering. Through the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory Kammen works with faculty colleagues, several postdoctoral fellows, and roughly 20 doctoral students on a wide range of science, engineering, economics and policy projects related to energy science, engineering and the environment. The focus of his work is on the science and policy of clean, renewable energy systems, energy efficiency, the role of energy in national energy policy, international climate debates, and the use and impacts of energy sources and technologies on development, particularly in Africa and Latin America. Kammen is the Lead Scholar for the Fulbright NEXUS scholar's program in energy and climate sponsored by the US State Department. In addition, in April 2010 Kammen was introduced by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as the first Fellow of the Energy and Climate Partnership for the Americas Program.

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