Deborah Wood

Graduate Student Researcher

University of California, Berkeley
CSTMS Research Unit: Office for the History of Science and Technology
Advisor(s)Massimo Mazzotti
Degrees M.A. History :: University of California, Berkeley (2017)
B.S. Mathematics and History :: The College of William & Mary (2014)

Research Areas

History of mathematics (16-18th centuries), mathematics as a universal language, mathematics as a political mechanism, Jesuit missionaries in China and Korea

I study the history of mathematics in Europe and East Asia in the 16-18th centuries.  I am interested in how mathematics has been perceived and used as a universal language and as a mechanism for claiming authority.  In particular, I am looking at the Jesuit missionaries' use of math as imperial agents of Christendom and at how the Qing and the Joseon courts negotiated calendrical calculations as part of a political struggle regarding Chinese suzerainty over the Korean peninsula.

last updated: December 6th, 2018