Special Projects

CSTMS maintains several on-going projects. Each of these projects may involve workshops, summer schools, our other events, all gathered around a common theme.


The Cloud and the Crowd

This Center project explores the histories, contemporary forms, and conceptual and political implications of “cloud” and “crowd.” Without a doubt, crowd-sourcing, cloud computing, social media, and the rise of Big Data are implicated in powerful transformations in the fabric of our economic, social, and technical worlds. These shifts range from new senses of political possibility (as in the complex trajectory of the Arab Spring) to enhanced modes of crowd control; from collaborative platforms for innovation to the radical dispersal of labor; from new modes of visualizing ecological change to the reconfiguration of disaster relief. Find out more.


This Special Project aims to foster dialogue among the design studies community, professional designers and architects, historians, and science and technology studies scholars. Some of the themes that we are engaging within this project include: materials and their politics; fabrication, labor, and craft; the built, the made, the real, the discursive; changing conditions of knowledge- and thing-production; new and old; innovating, imitating, and replicating. Find out more.

Nuclear Futures

This Special Project aims to bring into conversation leading figures from humanistic and social-scientific study of science and technology with colleagues from science and engineering and from policy and advocacy groups. It spotlights the analytical tools used in this domain, ranging from performance assessment (nuclear
 engineering) to surveys (sociology) to studies of nuclear imaginaries (cultural studies of science). Find out more.

profile of Robert OppenheimerJ.R. Oppenheimer Exhibit

An award-winning online exhibit describing the life and work of J. Robert Oppenheimer. View the exhibit.


Other Events of Interest