Morgan Ames Featured in the LA Review of Books

October 22nd, 2019  |  Published in Latest news

CSTMS affiliate Morgan Ames was recently published in the LA Review of Books. In her article, entitled “The Smartest People in the Room? What Silicon Valley’s Supposed Obsession with Tech-Free Private Schools Really Tells Us”, Ames challenges the assumption that “techies” know what’s best when it comes to the material and ethical consequences of technology. In buying into this myth, many are more likely to entrust “the smartest people in the room” with their privacy, information informing their medical decisions, and even their children’s development – as Ames demonstrates, however, some of the smartest people in the room have also revealed themselves to be the least committed to equity, privacy, and truth when it comes to understanding and regulating the interactions between science, technology and society. You can read Ames’ article here.

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