Engineering Biology Research Consortium

Wednesday - Thursday
2 Nov - 3 Nov 2016

Event Type
Non-CSTMS Event

The Engineering Biology Research Consortium, the follow-on community to Synberc, will be holding its inaugural retreat at Caltech on November 2-3. We are extremely excited about this first EBRC retreat and this new chapter in our community’s efforts. For more information about participating, please drop me a note.
Like past Synberc retreats, this EBRC retreat will include some members-only sessions highlighting some of the cutting-edge work going on within EBRC labs. New to EBRC, we will be holding a 2.5-hour session open to all who are interested attending in-person or via live webcast on Thursday November 3 at 2:00-5:30p Pacific at The session also will be archived for later viewing. This public component will feature two keynote talks, short talks by students and postdocs, and will showcase the breadth of research in engineering biology.
This is an exciting step forward for our synthetic biology community that will include an expanded group of academic investigators, new industry partners, and a new emphasis on creating visions for national strategic aims in partnership with public stakeholders and policymakers. More about EBRC at We hope that many of you will take part in the retreat and EBRC going forward.

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