Experiential Tools and Face Masks: Entanglements of Human Beings and Artifacts

1 Dec 2022
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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Chiara Cappelletto

Pii Telakivi

Please note the change in location for this event:

Hotel Shattuck Plaza, Golden Bear II:
2086 Allston Way,
Berkeley, CA 94704


The material basis of certain conscious experiences can extend to the tools and instruments we use (Telakivi, forthcoming).In those cases, the interface between the tool and the user has shifted – instead of two separate systems,they should be considered as a hybrid, coupled system.In this talk, they will distinguish between different levels of extension–from more fleeting to more robust–which constitute a continuum.Within this continuum, the differences in the degrees of attachment will be revealed: how important the external part is and how it should be treated: as an external tool or as a part of the experiential self?

The answer we incline to give is that the tool enacts a feedback effect on the sense of self. A case study will be presented, which represents the first result of an experimental phenomenological research developed by Cappelletto & Calbi on face masks (forthcoming). Contrary to the mainstream idea for which the mask is a veil that hides the identity of which the face is considered a stable emblem, the research 1) validates the hypothesis that the mask functions as an artifact that exerts performative power over our bodies, and 2) suggests that it reconfigures a new topology of affects, redistributing the identitarian focus to previously neglected body parts.

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