Fiat Mashup!: Appropriation, and Creative Interventions Using the Fiat Lux Photographs

11 Oct 2012
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Geballe Room, 220 Stephens

Event Type
Non-CSTMS Event

Join us on October 11th for a screening of several short films focusing on the
photography of Ansel Adams in the current university On the Same Page theme.

Fiat Lux Redux: “Ansel Adams’ UC Science & Visions of a Lost Future” is a
short video by James Anderson as part of a project of the UC Berkeley Film
& Media Department’s Graduate Production Seminar. Bringing critical and
research skills to their filmmaking, the class made short essay films
using Ansel Adams’ 1960s photographic portrait of the University of
California, “Fiat Lux” to explore relationships between the past and the
present in the transforming life and politics of UC Berkeley. Anderson’s
film looks at Adams’ images of “Big Science” in medicine, physiology and
astronomy at the University of California in the 1960s and the ways they
connected to other popular images of modern science through educational
and sci-fi films of the period. The film also speaks to today’s loss of
many publicly funded research projects such as the Hat Creek Radio
Observatory – present site of the Allen Telescope Array – as California
continues to cut research funding to the University.

Fiat Lux and several other short films will be shown in the Geballe Room in
Stephens Hall, followed by a panel discussion, commentary, and a Q&A
session, ending with a reception.

This event is sponsored by: On the Same Page

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