Geography Colloquia Spring 2016

Wednesday - Monday
2 Mar - 9 May 2016

575 McCone Hall

Event Type
Non-CSTMS Event

Wednesdays, 575 McCone Hall

Job Talks: 4:00pm

March 2nd: Apartheid Remains by Sharad Chari

March 7th: When is the State? Navigating India’s Uncertain State Spaces by Asher Ghertner

March 9th: The Politics of Infrastructure: Apartheid and the Materiality of Protest in Soweto by Antina Von Schnitzler

March 17th: Hiba Bou Akar (2:00pm)

Colloquia: 3:40pm

March 16th: Migration and the Re-Bordering of Europe

John Pickles, Department of Geography, University of North Carolina

March 30th: Quantitative Models of Landscape Evolution and Regolith Formation in a Variety of Tectonic and Climate Environments by Jean Braun, IS Terre, Universite Grenoble Alps

April 6th: Big Data Futures and Cities to Come by Agnieszka Leszczynskia, School of Environment, The University of Auckland

April 13th: Jesus Gomez- Velez, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

April 20th: “We are Not Red Indians” (We Might all Be Red Indians: Anticolonial Sovereignty Across the Borders of Time, Place and Sentiment by Audra Simpson, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University

April 27th: Gillian Hart, Michael Watts Department of Geography, UC Berkeley

May 2nd & 9th: Graduate Final Exit Talks

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