It’s All About Loving Your Nation- Sedition and the Surplus of Affection

16 Mar 2016
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Non-CSTMS Event

Lawrence Liang
Legal researcher and lawyer based in Bangalore, India; Co-founder of the Alternative Law Forum

The 5th Maharaj Kaul Memorial Lecture sponsored by the Institute for South Asia Studies

Location: 10 Stephens Hall

Lawrence Liang is a legal researcher and lawyer based in the city of Bangalore, who is known for his legal campaigns on issues of public concern. He is a co founder of the Alternative Law Forum, and by 2006 had emerged as a spokesperson against the politics of “intellectual property”. Liang’s key areas of interest are law, popular culture and piracy. He has been working closely with Sarai, New Delhi on a joint research project Intellectual Property and the Knowledge/Culture Commons.

Liang is a “keen follower of the open source movement in software” and has been working on the ways of translating the open source ideas into the cultural domain. He has written a number of articles on free software and media practices. Liang is the author of “The Public is Watching: Sex, Laws and Videotape” and “A Guide to Open Content Licenses”.

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