Sensory Ethnography and the Experience of Dementia

10 Dec 2019
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

470 Stephens Hall

Event Type
Film Screening

Bessie Young
UCSF Medical Student

Bessie Young, currently a UCSF Medical student and recent UC Berkeley master’s student, holds an MFA in Photography and MS in Health and Medical Sciences. After several years of work as a documentary photographer and filmmaker in elder care facilities in the US and abroad, Bessie chose to combine her interest in visual methodologies with medicine. This project explores the use of sensory ethnography in bridging the divide between biomedical and philosophical discourses on dementia through an attention to embodied selfhood. Four months of fieldwork were carried out in a 33-bedroom residential, closed memory care unit in Northern California. This screening and discussion examines the process and considers whether sensory ethnography may be an effective means for bringing attention to the lived body in relation to discourses regarding personhood in dementia care.


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This event is sponsored by CSTMS.
Additional sponsorship comes from:  Program for the Medical Humanities

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