Speculative Visions of Race, Technology, Science, & Survival

Thursday - Friday
15 Mar - 16 Mar 2012

470 Stephens Hall

Event Type
Non-CSTMS Event

What will survival entail in near and far futures?  In light of racialized violence and social control, massive technological innovation, and rapid transformations in science and biomedicine, this conference will engage the imperative to imagine, study, prepare for, and articulate future human life.  We are interested in how science and technology shape the material and epistemological boundaries of existence, specifically how and whose existence is valued, policed, corporealized, and corporatized.  We will also explore the capacity of embodied subjects to navigate these boundaries in the context of dis/abled, gendered, sex/uality, and queer formations.  Recognizing that technology creates kinds of futures (both anticipated and unforeseen), this conference will create a space to analyze how technologies of the past and present contextualize and disclose future realities, and identify opportunities for creating new possibilities.
We envision a limited number of presentations in order to allow enough time for generative dialogue and crafting of questions for future research and development. This conference will be multi/interdisciplinary and multimedia.
This event is sponsored by: Center for Race & Gender

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