Adam Becker

Visiting Scholar

CSTMS Research Unit: Office for the History of Science and Technology, CSTMS
Affiliation period: November 2017 - November 2018
Degrees Ph.D., Physics :: University of Michigan (2012)
M.S., Physics :: University of Michigan (2007)
B.A., Physics, Philosophy :: Cornell University (2006)

Research Areas

Adam's work is largely focused on the history and philosophy of the foundations of quantum physics, especially since World War II. He is currently writing a book on the subject, forthcoming from Basic Books in 2018. This work is supported in part by a generous grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Adam is also part of the California Quantum Interpretation Network, a research collaboration among faculty and staff at multiple UC campuses and other universities across California, focusing on the interpretation of quantum physics. In addition to his work in the foundations of quantum physics, Adam has research interests in open-access publishing in the sciences and early-universe cosmology.

last updated: June 29th, 2020