Deborah Gordon

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, History and Social Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
CSTMS Research Unit: Berkeley Program in Science and Technology Studies
Degrees Ph.D. Medical Anthropology :: University of California, San Francisco (1984)

Deborah Gordon's research career has focused on the social and cultural infrastructure of models and practices of science, biomedicine, nursing, and bioethics in sites in the USA and Italy (e.g., Biomedicine Examined, co-edited with M Lock, l988). Working at a Cancer Center in Florence, Italy from 1984—2001, she conducted research on disclosure practices, palliative care (Narrazione e la fine della Vita, Franco Angeli, 2000), and responses to the new genetics and cancer genetic risk (in particular breast cancer) in various European countries and the USA. Her current relevant projects include: 1) "Engaging Tuscans in Italy in the Haplotype Map Project," (NIH funded) in Florence Italy, a participatory/critical study of the Hapmap Project's effort to produce ethical blood for studies of human diversity; and 2) the political uses of epidemiological science and technology in occupational health and cardiovascular disease.

last updated: December 12th, 2017