François Dedieu

Research Scientist, French National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), Paris, France
Research Scientist, French Institute, "Research, Innovation, Society” (IFRIS), University Paris-Est

CSTMS Research Unit: Berkeley Program in Science and Technology Studies
Affiliation period: October 2012 - October 2013
Degrees Ph.D., Sociology :: Sciences Po University, Paris, France (2007)
M.A., Sociology :: Sciences Po University, Paris, France (2000)
B.A., Sociology :: Nantes University, France (1996)

François Dedieu’s research is aimed on risk management. He is currently working as a senior research fellow in sociology at the French National Agronomic Research Institute (INRA Sens) since 2009. Prior to that, he completed a PhD on natural disasters and crisis management at the Center for the Sociology of Organizations (CSO). This work will be published in a forthcoming book Governing bad weather (2013). Francois’ current research focuses on the sociology of ignorance, which seeks to understand why some scientific knowledge and risks are not recognized as such. He examines this question by studying the framing of pesticides as a risk and a public problem and more specifically by exploring its visible and invisible dimensions. In order to explain why issue like related pesticide illness on occupational health produces a “low level of noise”, he studies the construction of evidence of pesticide poisoning as a socio-historical process that combines scientific, administrative and political logics with that of the socio-economic and agricultural sectors impacted by these regulations.

last updated: November 25th, 2013