Working Groups

Working groups are regular or ad hoc meetings of students and/or faculty.  These range from undergraduate groups with a general interest in STS, to faculty meetings specifically to discuss a narrow area of interest. Please explore our current groups below, and feel free to get in touch if you would like to join them.


History of Science Working Group

LARRY_QUALLS_10311282033The OHST Working Group provides a forum for members to discuss ongoing research and other projects. The Working Group brings together graduate students, visiting scholars, and faculty for weekly discussions on history of science research. Possible topics include current OHST grad students’ dissertations; hot topics in the field, areas of interest that visiting scholars are working on, etc. … more



STS Working Group

Picture Credit: You Can't Lay Down by Tejo Remy, 1991

The STS* Working Group  is a group of scholars brought together by shared interest in STS practices and approaches. Our research interests cover topics in environment, technology, development, food, agriculture, and health.  The working group meets periodically to share and discuss works in progress and review key and novel papers in the field.  Members are encouraged to make as many meetings as possible, as the intent of the group is to develop a community of scholars with shared knowledge. … more


* Science, Technology, & Society or Science & Technology Studies. . . take your pick!


Environmental Science & History Working Group

The Environmental Science and History Working Group brings together scholars broadly interested in environmental history, and the development of environmental science and policy. Our research interests span a broad range of disciplines, methodologies, and historical periods. The working group meets several times per month to share and discuss writing in progress, review new published works in environmental history and related disciplines, and discuss classic texts. Members are encouraged to workshop their projects and propose readings, as the goal of the working group is to create a community of scholars. … more



Science, Technology, & Engineering Policy Group

STEP is focused on creating better informed science and technology policy through collaborations between scientists and policy-makers. Many of our most pressing public policy issues have a strong science and technology component, such as developing clean sources of energy and using information technology to reduce medical errors and administrative costs in our healthcare system. However, elected officials often lack the technical expertise to make informed decisions on these issues, and scientists and engineers rarely engage in the political process. To address these needs, STEP is helping students build interdisciplinary skills at the intersection of science and policy. STEP works toward this goal through two activities: a monthly Seminar Series and a Science Policy Journal Club. … more



History of Science Reading Group

The History of Science Reading Group discusses the canonical literature in the history of science. This group is primarily for graduate students, faculty, staff, and advanced undergraduates who are interested in science historiography. The group will trace the great history of science authors from the early nineteenth century until present… more


Medicine Working Group

The Medical Working Group aims to schedule events regarding the topic of medicine as well as hold work-in-progress discussion groups where faculty can share their research and workshop book chapters and articles. This group also hopes to promote a community of students interested in the history of medicine and medical studies/ medical humanities… more


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