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Graduate Students

PhD Graduate Field in History of Science

James Anderson

PhD Candidate

Jameson Karns

Ph.D. Candidate

Dana Landress

Jordan Mursinna

Lois Rosson

Max Schmeder

PhD Designated Emphasis in STS

Spencer Adams

Ph.D. student, Rhetoric

Nicholas Anderman

PhD Student, Department of Geography

James Anderson

PhD Candidate, History

Gil Breger

PhD Student, Near Eastern Studies

Lisa Allette Brooks

PhD Candidate, South & Southeast Asian Studies

Savannah Cox

PhD Candidate, City and Regional Planning

Michael D’Arcy

PhD Candidate, Medical

Radmila Djordjevic

PhD Student, Anthropology

Jane Flegal

PhD Student, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Dana Greenfield

PhD Candidate, Medical Anthropology

Kathleen C. Gutierrez

PhD Candidate, South and Southeast Asian Studies

Camilla Hawthorne

PhD Candidate, Geography

Kaily Heitz

PhD Candidate, Geography

Shakirah Esmail Hudani

PhD Student, City and Regional Planning

Anne Jonas

PhD Student, School of Information

Freyja Knapp

PhD Candidate, Environmental Science Policy & Management

Mukul Kumar

PhD Student, City and Regional Planning

Matt Langione

PhD Candidate, Department of English

Julia Lewandoski

PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley History Department

Niklas Lollo

PhD Candidate, Energy and Resources Group

Nain Martinez

PhD Candidate, Environmental Science, Policy & Management

Victoria Massie

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Heather Mellquist

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Santiago Molina

PhD Candidate, Sociology

Laura Moreno

PhD Student, Energy and Resources Group

Marcus Owens

PhD Student, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Lindsay Parham

PhD Student, Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Kathleen Powers

PhD Candidate, Rhetoric

Mariam Sabri

PhD Student, History

Ryan Whitacre

PhD Candidate, Medical Anthropology

Adrian Wilson

PhD Student, Anthropology