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Advisory Board

Morgan G. Ames
Associate Director of Research and Chair of the Designated Emphasis in STS

Assistant Adjunct Professor, School of Information

David Bates

Professor, Department of Rhetoric

Cathryn Carson

Professor, History

Elena Conis

Professor, School of Journalism

Sandra Eder

Associate Professor, Department of History

Director, MEDS

Sam Weiss Evans
Research Fellow

Research Assistant Professor, Program on Science, Technology, and Society, Tufts University

Research Fellow, Program on Science, Technology & Society, Harvard University

Research Affiliate, Program on Emerging Technology, MIT

Tufts University, MIT, Harvard University

Cori Hayden

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Thomas Laqueur

Co-Director, PMH

Professor Emeritus, Department of History

Massimo Mazzotti

Professor, Department of History

Director, PhD Designated Emphasis in STS

Director, OHST

Guy Micco

Co-Director, PMH

Clinical Professor Emeritus, Joint Medical Program, Division of Health & Medical Sciences

Nasser Zakariya

Assistant Professor, Department of Rhetoric