Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences

HSNS cover imageHSNS (Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, formerly known as HSPS) is an international journal published five times a year by the University of California Press for the Office for History of Science and Technology, University of California, Berkeley. It publishes scholarly articles, including intellectual, cultural, political, and institutional studies of the natural sciences in Western and non-Western societies since the eighteenth century. The editorial board encourages substantial accounts of original research, but also considers review articles and succinct contributions on the historiography and politics of science. Special issues appear regularly.  All issues until 2017 can be found on JSTOR.  Beginning in 2017, HSNS is an e-only journal.  To subscribe, please visit: https://hsns.ucpress.edu/content/subscriptions-and-single-issues

The editorial foreword to the inaugural issue of HSNS (Vol. 38, Issue 1) is available here.

Submission Guidelines

Authors should prepare manuscripts in accordance with HSNS style. For guidance refer to our style sheet and a model article. For guidance on book reviews, see our book review style sheet.

Please observe the following instructions:

  •  • Supply an abstract upon submission.
  •  • Submit your manuscript in MS Word or RTF format, double-spaced and formatted for 8½ x 11 paper. Number pages continuously.
  •  • Prepare footnotes double-spaced using the footnote editor. HSNS follows the Chicago Manual of Style humanities style for footnotes; refer to the style sheet. No bibliography is required.
  •  • Send images, captions, tables, and displayed equations as separate files. Do not embed images in a Word document or PowerPoint. Scans should be made at min. 300 dpi for grayscale (600 dpi for line art) and saved in TIFF format. Print quality of images supplied in GIF or JPEG format cannot be guaranteed.

Manuscripts should be sent as e-mail attachments to Davinder Sidhu, Managing Editor, at hsns@berkeley.edu. Please also carbon copy (cc) Erika L. Milam, HSNS Editorial Board Chair, at emilam@princeton.edu.


Editorial Board

  •      Erika L. Milam, Princeton University (chair)
  •      Deborah R. Coen, Yale University
  •      Cyrus Mody, Maastricht University
  •      Amy Fisher, University of Puget Sound
  •      Buhm Soon Park, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and  Technology (KAIST)
  •      Jutta Schickore, Indiana University

Associate Editors

  •      Cathryn Carson, University of California, Berkeley
  •      Soraya de Chadarevian, University of California, Los Angeles
  •      Angela N. H. Creager, Princeton University
  •      Olivier Darrigol, CNRS (REHSEIS)
  •      Jacob Darwin Hamblin, Oregon State University
  •      Matthias Dörries, Université de Strasbourg
  •      Michael D. Gordin, Princeton University
  •      David Kaiser, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  •      Ursula Klein, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
  •      Stuart McCook, University of Guelph
  •      W. Patrick McCray, University of California, Santa Barbara
  •      Giuliano Pancaldi, University of Bologna
  •      Hyung Wook Park, Nanyang Technological University
  •      Michael Reidy, Montana State University
  •      Jessica Riskin, Stanford University
  •      David Sepkoski, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
  •      Rebecca Slayton, Cornell University
  •      Grace Shen, Fordham University
  •      Matthew Stanley, New York University
  •      Hallam Stevens, Nanyang Technological University
  •      Bruno J. Strasser, Université de Genève
  •      Will Thomas, American Institute of Physics
  •      Jaipreet Virdi, University of Delaware
  •      Adelheid Voskuhl, University of Pennsylvania
  •      Zuoyue Wang, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  •      M. Norton Wise, University of California, Los Angeles
  •      Nasser Zakariya, University of California, Berkeley

Managing Editor

  •      Davinder Sidhu

Book Review Editors

  •      Hyung Wook Park, Nanyang Technological University
  •      Will Thomas, American Institute of Physics

Media Editor

  •      Jaipreet Virdi, University of Delaware


Editorial Office

  •      Office for History of Science and Technology
  •      543 Stephens Hall
  •      University of California
  •      Berkeley, CA 94720-2350
  •      hsns@berkeley.edu

HSNS Cover image: Lichtenberg figure courtesy of Dr. John W. Gudenas

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