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Past Graduate Students

Office for the History of Science & Technology

Darren Hsiung

Robert Multhauf

The relationship between technology and natural philosophy, ca.1250-1650, as illustrated by the technology of the mineral acids.

Robert G. Gilpin

The politics of American science

Sam Haber

"Scientific management and the progressive movement, 1910-1929."

Donald C. Swain

"The role of the federal government in the conservation of natural resources, 1921-1933."

Carroll W. Pursell

"Stationary steam engines in America before the Civil War."

Warren O. Hagstrom

"Social control in modern science."

John L. Heilbron

Pierce C. Mullen

"The preconditions and reception of Darwinian biology in Germany, 1800-1870."

Joseph Haberer

Nathan G. Hale

"The origins and foundation of the psychoanalytic movement in America, 1909-1914."

James L. Larson

"Speculation and experience: an inquiry into systematic description in the work of Carl von Linne."

Charles Paul

"Rameau's musical theories and the Age of Reason."

Paul Forman

"The environment and practice of atomic physics in Weimar Germany: a study in the history of science."

Maurice A. Finocchiaro

"The problem of explanation in historiography of science."

George J. Grinnell

"The Darwin case, a computer analysis of scientific creativity."

Ronald Numbers

"The nebular hypothesis in American thought."

Donald L. Obendorf

"Samuel P. Langley: solar scientist, 1867-1891."

Vernard Foley

"The invisible hand: an inquiry into the nature and causes of The Wealth of Nations."

David Hollinger

"Morris R. Cohen and the scientific ideal."

Karl Hufbauer

"The formulation of the German chemical community, 1700-1795."

Anne Macpherson

"The human geography of Alexander von Humboldt."

Edgar W. Morse

"Natural philosophy, hypotheses, and impiety Sir David Brewster confronts the undulatory theory of light."

Gordon N. Pinkham

"Case studies of scientific contributions."

Vincent Berdoulay

"The emergence of the French school of geography (1870-1914)."

George A. Saliba

"The technical chronology of Bar Shinaya."

Marjorie C. Malley

"From hyperphosphorescence to nuclear decay: a history of the early years of radioactivity, 1869-1914."

Dora Roth

"The scientific basic of epidemiology: an historical and philosophical enquiry."

John Bryan Henderson

"The ordering of the heavens and the Earth in early Ch'ing thought."

Donald T. Critchlow

"The Brookings Institution: the early history 1916-1952 expertise and influence in a democratic society."

Robert W. Seidel

"Physics research in California: the rise of a leading sector in American physics."

Elspeth N. Lochhead

"The emergence of academic geography in Britain in its historical context."

Mary E. Novitski

"Auguste Laurent and the prehistory of valence."

Robin E. Rider

"Mathematics in the Enlightenment: a study of algebra, 1685-1800."

Theodor S. Feldman

"The history of meteorology, 1750-1800: a study in the quantification of experimental physics."

Henry Lowood

"Patriotism, profit, and the promotion of science in the German enlightenment: the economic and scientific societies, 1760-1815."

David K. Robinson

"Wilhelm Wundt and the establishment of experimental psychology, 1875-1914: the context of a new field of scientific research."

Mario Biagioli

"Galileo's strategies for the social and cognitive legitimation of science."

Paula E. Findlen

"Museums, collecting scientific culture in early modern Italy."

David W. Koeller

"The physics of freedom: the beginnings of Schelling's philosophy of nature."

Carl Ipsen

"Dictating demography: the problem of population in fascist Italy."

Larry R. Lagerstrom

"Constructing uniformity: the standardization of international electromagnetic measures, 1860-1912."

Timothy Moy

"Hitting the beaches and bombing the cities: doctrine and technology for two new militaries, 1920-1940."

Alice N. Walters

"Tools of enlightenment: the material culture of science in eighteenth-century England."

Renee Michelle Courey

"Participants in the development, marketing and safety evaluation of the oral contraceptive, 1950-1965: mythic dimension of a scientific solution."

Stuart M. Feffer

"Microscopes to munitions: Ernst Abbe, Carl Zeiss, and the transformation of technical optics, 1850-1914."

Horace Jeff Hodges

"Food as synecdoche in John's Gospel and Gnostic texts."

Jessica Riskin

"The quarrel over method in natural science and politics during the late enlightenment."

John Cheng

"Amazing, astounding, wonder: Popular science, culture, and the emergence of science fiction in the United States, 1926-1939."

Tal Golan

"Scientific expert testimony in Anglo-American courts, 1782-1923."

Deborah Hammond

"Toward a science of synthesis: the heritage of general systems theory."

Abigail Lustig

"The creation and uses of horticulture in Britain and France in the nineteenth century."

Stephanie Kenen

"Scientific studies of human sexual difference in interwar America."

Julia Rechter

"'The glands of destiny': a history of popular, medical and scientific views of the sex hormones in 1920s America."

Sonja Amadae

"Rational choice theory in U.S. economic, political, and policy science, 1944-1985: social scientists transform the language of democracy."

Peter Westwick

"The National Laboratory System in the U.S., 1947-1962."

Susan Spath

"C.B. van Niel and the culture of microbiology, 1920-1965."

Paula De Vos

"The art of pharmacy in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Mexico."

Ethan Pollock

"The politics of knowledge: Party ideology and Soviet science, 1945-1953."

Chris Ritter

"Re-presenting science: visual and didactic practice in nineteen-century chemistry."

Kurt Beyer

"Grace Hopper and the early history of computer programming, 1944-1960."

Andrew Jewett

"To make America scientific: science and democracy in American public culture, 1900-1950."

Justin Suran

"Toward an illusionless city: The province of psychiatry in twentieth-century San Francisco (California)."

Mark S. Rosen

"The cosmos in the palace: the Palazzo Vecchio Guardaropa and the culture of cartography in early modern Florence."

Sokhieng Au

"Medicine and modernity in colonial Cambodia."

Susan Groppi

"The science of mind: exploring the influence of the academic environment on the development of research psychology in America, 1880-1910."

Travis D. Williams

"Ethos and Enargeia: literary and rhetorical strategies of early modern mathematics."

Daniel Ussishkin

"Morale: Social citizenship and democracy in modern Britain."

Kalil Oldham

"The doctrine of description: Gustav Kirchhoff, classical physics, and the 'purpose of all science' in 19th-century Germany."

Ellen Bales

"An element of uncertainty: Radon and the quantification of risk in 20th-century America, 1945-2000."

Stephanie Young

"Power and the purse: Defense budgeting and American politics, 1947-1974."

Ki Won Han

"The rise of oceanography in the United States, 1900-1940."

Andrew Mamo

"Post-industrial engineering: Computer science and the organization of white-collar work, 1945-1975."

Theodore Varno

Emily Redman

Angelo Matteo Caglioti

Meteorological Imperialism: Colonialism and the Making of Meteorology in Liberal and Fascist Italy (1870-1940).

Berkeley Program in Science and Technology Studies

Javiera Barandiaran

Regulatory Science in a Developing State : Environmental Politics in Chile, 1980-2010

Patrick Baur

Liz Carlisle

Rachel Ceasar

Shannon Cram

Eduardo A. Escobar

Technology as Knowledge: A Study of Cuneiform Procedural Recipes and Materials

Jane Flegal

Dana Greenfield

Kathleen C. Gutierrez

Camilla Hawthorne

Matt Langione

Julia Lewandoski

Greta Marchesi

Abigail Martin

Heather Mellquist

Michael Mendez

Climate Change from the Streets: A Community-Based Framework for Addressing Local and Global Environmental Health Impacts

Santiago Molina