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Mailing Lists

The Center maintains several email lists that you may be interested in. Each has a specific purpose and audience.

Center Events and News

Once a week, we send out a professionally designed email highlighting Center events and news. You can expect to get information about upcoming talks and public conferences, news about awards and new developments for Center members, and information about our ongoing projects. If you only sign up to one email list with us, this is probably the one you should choose.

If you would like to be added to our regular events and notices email list, fill out this form:

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Community Events and News Lists

Office for the History of Science and Technology email list: This History of Science list focuses on sharing news of relevance to the Berkeley and Bay Area History of Science Community, including job postings, conferences, and other developments in the field. It does not typically include events actually hosted by Berkeley. If you are a scholar of History of Science, please be sure to sign up for this list and be sure to also sign up for the CSTMS email list above to ensure you get all news and events announcements!


Working Group Email Lists

HST/STS Working Group email list: This list is for those of you wishing to meet regularly as the HST/STS Working Group to discuss topics related to STS and history of science. While the other lists are announcement-only, this is an open discussion email list, used for organizing working group meetings and deciding topics to discuss. The frequency and content of the emails varies according to Group member desires. Please only sign up to this list if you intend to be a regular and active member of the HST/STS Working Group. If you would like to be involved, it is highly encouraged that you also sign up for the HST/STS email list and the CSTMS email list above.

Medicine Working Group email list: This list is for the organization and running of the Medicine Working Group (MEDS). Please only sign up to this list if you intend to be a regular and active member of the Medicine Working Group. If you do sign up, you should also make sure you’re on the OHST and CSTMS email lists above to get all the news!


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Twitter_logo_blueWe are on Twitter @CSTMSBerkeley. Feel free to follow us and tweet your thoughts during our events.


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