STS Working Group

The STS* Working Group  is a group of scholars brought together by shared interest in STS practices and approaches. Our research interests span a broad range of STS scholarship.  The working group meets periodically to share and discuss works in progress and review key and novel papers in the field.  Members are encouraged to make as many meetings as possible, as the intent of the group is to develop a community of scholars with shared knowledge.

Colloquium speakers in STS who present for the larger CSTMS group (the Thursday CSTMS Colloquium) are often invited to hold a master class with the working group during the week of their presentation. This is a great opportunity to engage in conversation with invited speakers.

If you would like to join us, please sign up for our email list. This list is specific to the working group, and does not cover general announcements.

* Science, Technology, & Society or Science & Technology Studies. . . take your pick!

Fall 2016 STS Working Group Meetings

All meetings take place on Thursday 12-2 pm unless otherwise noted

Follow us on Facebook at STS@Berkeley or email Angelo Caglioti at to join our bCourses site and stay posted on our meetings and events!

  • September 15: First Meeting – Plenary Session
  • September 22: Dana Simmons
    • Assistant Professor of History, University of California, Riverside. Hunger, nutrition, soil and plant science, political economy, the human sciences, feminist theory, architecture, Modern Europe, technopolitics and technoscientific utopias.
  • September 29: no meeting
  • October 6: Oral History Techniques, Interviews , and Your Research in STS and History of Science
    • Meeting with Paul Burnett, Historian, Oral History Center, Bancroft Library 267.
  • October 17: “Big Data is the answer… but what is the Question?”
    •  Paul Edwards; Professor at the History and the School of Information, University of Michigan
    • [PLEASE NOTE: event taking place on MONDAY 12:00-1:30 PM]
    • Please email to receive a copy of the paper for discussion
  • October 20: Carla Lois,
    • Professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Autonomous University of Entre Rios Researcher, National Scientific and Technical Research Council. Historical geography and mapping in the age of revolutions.
  • October 27: No Meeting
  • November 3: No Meeting
  • November 10: Jane Calvert,
    • Reader in Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Topic: Sociology of the life sciences, synthetic biology, STS and science policy
  • November 18: Sandra Eder, Assistant Professor of History, University of California, Berkeley. Topic: Gender and Normativity; Details TBA
    • PLEASE NOTE: event taking place on Friday (November 18, 2016) from 12:00-1:30 PM.
  • November 21: Sasha Disko, “Gender and Technology in the Weimar Republic” [temporary title]
    • PLEASE NOTE: event taking place on Monday (November 21, 2016) from 12:00-1:30 PM.
  • November 24: No Meeting
  • December 1-2: Algorithms in Culture Conference
  • December 8: DE students research presentations
Picture: You Can’t Lay Down by Tejo Remy, 1991

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