Algorithms in Culture

29 Apr 2016
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

470 Stephens Hall

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Please join us for a discussion on algorithms in culture supported by the Townsend Center Representations grant. A interdisciplinary faculty working group will share their reflections about what algorithms mean in the context of their disciplines and research.
While algorithms are a foundational concept in computer science, there is increasing interest about the roles algorithms play in politics, media, science, organizations, and identity in everyday life. As algorithms become more prevalent and visible in contemporary life, issues around their development and deployment will continue to rise, both in academia and public discourse. In recent years, there has been a growing academic literature taking algorithms as an object of cultural inquiry, as well as many conferences and workshops focused on studying algorithms from a more social scientific or humanistic perspective. In response to this growing approach to algorithms as culture, this interdisciplinary group of scholars will take up algorithms as an object of study in order to examine them as computationculture and their role in the construction of the self in this event to develop a special section of a journal that explores this topic. 
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This event is sponsored by CSTMS.
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