Indra’s Net Theater presents “The Secret of Life”

Tuesday - Sunday
22 Dec - 17 Jan 2015

Berkeley City Club

Event Type
Non-CSTMS Event

Indra’s Net Theater presents The Secret of Life Rosalind Franklin, Watson & Crick, and the Search for DNA’s Secret. Written and Directed by Bruce Coughran.

It’s early 1950 and a precocious 23 year old American, James Watson, arrives to work as a guest at Cambridge Cavendish Laboratory and shares an office with 36 year old, Francis Crick. Several miles away in London, a brilliant British crystallographer, Rosalind Franklin, works at Kings College Laboratories with a new sample of pure DNA and unknowingly intrudes on the work of Dr. Wilkins at the same lab. Within a year the discovery of the structure of DNA emerges.

Tuesdays- Saturday at 8:00pm

Sundays at 5:00pm

December 22 and 26 Preview (pay what you can)

December 27 Opening Night & Gala

December 29-30, 2015 & January 2-3, 7-10, 14-17, 2016

Tickets: $28 general ($22 seniors, students)

For information or to buy tickets visit or call 415-613-9210


This event is sponsored by: Indra's Net Theater

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