Richland Film Screening

3 Nov 2023
3:30 pm

Premier Theater

Event Type
Non-CSTMS Event

Irene Lusztig
Professor in the Film and Digital Media Department at the University of California at Santa Cruz

Kaleidoscopic in form and wry in its content, Richland is about two small towns in southeastern Washington state that share an interesting history—they manufactured weapons-grade plutonium for over 40 years. Now decommissioned, the Hanford site is the largest environmental cleanup in the country, and the residents of the two cities nearby are dealing with (ahem) the fallout. From schoolkids mulling over whether or not their mascot should remain a mushroom cloud to a woman investigating a spate of neonatal deaths from the period of nuclear materials production, this wide-ranging doc is as much about community as it is about soil toxicity. Even as an older couple states that they don’t fish in local waters, they attest to the fact that it’s a wonderful place to live. And it’s also a testament to Lusztig’s talents that she has made such an entertaining and nuanced film about our country’s nuclear past.

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