Nina Beguš

Postdoctoral Scholar

Senior Researcher, ToftH
University of California, Berkeley
CSTMS Research Unit: Berkeley Program in Science and Technology Studies, CSTMS
Affiliation period: July 2022 - June 2024
Degrees Ph.D. Comparative Literature :: Harvard University
M.A. Comparative Literature :: Harvard University
B.A. M.A. equi. Comparative Literature and Slovenian Language and Literature :: University of Ljubljana

Beguš' research lies in the intersection of fiction and the humanities within science and technology. She is writing a book on artificial humanities where she argues for an active engagement of the humanities in the creation of novel technologies. The book focuses on AI-based language technologies and their humanlike trajectories in both history and fiction, exposed through the Pygmalion myth. The overarching argument against the humanlike model reveals its limitations and presents new ways of building technologies with a perspective that goes beyond the human. She also studies literature in relation to biological and medical sciences. She spent a year at the University of Washington School of Medicine to explore the applications of fiction in medical ethics. For the last two years, she has worked on the concept of the planetary with a biogeochemistry and earth system science group in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory through her Senior Researcher position at the Transformations of the Human program.

last updated: October 19th, 2022