Undergraduate Minor in STS

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements to declare the STS Minor?

Students must (1) complete the core course with a C or better and (2) complete the STS Minor application, listing proposed or completed elective courses.


What is the core class? 

Students must take one required upper-division core course in order to declare the STS Minor. The core class is typically only offered during the fall semester. After Spring 2022, the core course is STS C100 (cross-listed as HIST C182C or ISF C100G). 


What is a petition and how can I submit one?

Petitions are requests to include elective courses currently not on the approved list for the STS minor. For each course not currently on the approved list, you will be asked to submit the syllabus and a brief justification for the course’s inclusion. Note that the petition itself is part of the STS Minor Application form.


How many non UC Berkeley courses can be applied to the STS Minor?

Students can only use one course from another university or college to complete the STS Minor. 


Can my courses be Pass/Fail?

No. Courses that apply towards the STS Minor must be for a letter grade. 


Who can I contact for guidance managing the STS Minor? 

Email the department at cstms@berkeley.edu.

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